Paolo Bindini Canal

Paolo Bindini (in art Canal)

With enthusiasm and originality

He was born and lives in Rome where he still works in his home studio.

Bright colors, innate geometries and a skilful use of proportions and volumes are the starting point from which Paolo Bindini Canal’s pictorial vein unfolds.

The houses, the villages, the urban agglomerations and the unfurled sails, suspended in a borderland between reality and fantasy, take shape from his creative hand.

The colors, the atmosphere at various times of the day take on a casual, intense, exciting perspective.

Exhibitions and participations

between collective and personal

1984 – Galleria B. Croce (Eliseo brothers) – Naples
1990 – Sala F. Quarto (hall in the Parker’s hotel) – Naples
2002 – Caruso Art Center – Abano
2003 – Eurocomici – Palermo

Loving direct contact with people, he worked continuously in Rome in Piazza Navona from the mid-1980s to 2018.